# State Icon Code Name Date init Date end Links Analysis Description
# State Icon Code Name Date init Date end Links Analysis Description
Completed ETT EncryptoTel 24-04-2017 01-07-2017
Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communications infrastructure.
Completed ADL Adel 01-05-2017 01-06-2017
A distributed autonomous organization (DAO) that invests in new blockchain projects–similar to The DAO.
Completed APPX Apptrade 28-02-2017 30-04-2017
A marketplace for investing in app portfolio funds.
Completed ANT Aragon 17-05-2017 17-05-2017
Create and manage decentralized organizations in a decentralized jurisdiction.
Completed ARK Ark 07-11-2016 11-12-2016
A Lisk-forked cryptocurrency that will support cross blockchain communication.
Completed DBT Augmentors 31-01-2017 01-03-2017
An augmented reality creature fighting game built on the Bitcoin network.
Completed SRC Back to Earth 26-04-2017 28-04-2017
Immersive entertainment that can be enhanced by spending cryptographic tokens.
Completed BAT Basic Attention Token 31-05-2017 31-05-2017
Basic Attention Token will be the unit of exchange in a blockchain-based digital advertising platform built on top of the Brave Browser.
Completed BCAP Blockchain Capital 10-04-2017 10-04-2017
Tokenized Blockchain venture capital fund.
Completed BOS Boscoin 09-05-2017 10-05-2017
A platform for the creation of smart contracts with a democratic DAO governance model.
Completed POINTS Chain of Points 26-02-2017 31-03-2017
An Ethereum-based platform for creating and managing loyalty rewards programs.
Completed TIME Chronobank 15-12-2016 14-02-2017
A platform for people to buy and sell labor. Labor Hour tokens (LH) are backed by people-hours.
Completed COS Cosmos 06-04-2017 06-04-2017
a network of interoperable ledgers to accommodate any asset, any blockchain, and any programming language.
Completed DFN DFINITY 11-02-2017 12-02-2017
A decentralized computing cloud with native smart contracts and a distributed intelligence DAO.
Completed EDG Edgeless 28-02-2017 21-03-2017
Ethereum smart contract-based Casino with a 0% house edge
Completed EMB Embermine 05-05-2017 02-06-2017
Embermine is a platform designed to give content creators the means to protect and control their creative endeavors.
Completed EQB Equibit 01-02-2017 31-03-2017
A blockchain platform for issuing, trading, and managing both public and private equity.
Completed ETB Ethbits 15-04-2017 15-05-2017
An platform for digital p2p and face to face exchange of cyrpto and fiat currencies.
Completed E4ROW Ether for the Rest of the World 02-05-2017 22-05-2017
A firm dedicated to developing apps on Ethereum. Their first app is a one-on-one poker game.
Completed EON EXSCUDO 25-04-2017 31-05-2017
A cryptocurrency exchange platform with social trading features and analytic tools.
Completed GNO Gnosis 24-04-2017 24-04-2017
An accessible prediction market platform enabling the free flow of useful information.
Completed GNT Golem 11-11-2016 11-11-2016
A decentralized supercomputer. Their first target market is animation rendering.
Completed RLC iEx.ec 19-04-2017 19-04-2017
A blockchain-based distributed cloud computing platform built on Ethereum.
Completed JOBERR Joberr 12-03-2017 26-03-2017
Update: website and devs unresponsive. Scam investigation in progress on bitcointalk. A decentralized market place for tasks and services build on Ethereum.
Completed KMD Komodo 15-10-2016 20-11-2016
A privacy-focused coin with Zcash technology and a new delayed Proof-of-work consensus method.
Completed LGD Legends Room 18-04-2017 15-05-2017
VIP membership in a Las Vegas gentleman's club.
Completed LUN Lunyr 29-03-2017 28-04-2017
A decentralized encyclopedia built on Ethereum with a for-profit business model and rewards for users who create or edit content.
Completed LKK Lykke 09-02-2017 28-02-2017
Lykke is a crypto-asset exchange platform built on top of the Bitcoin network.
Completed GUP Matchpool 02-04-2017 03-04-2017 a decentralized matchmaking and dating protocol build on Ethereum.
Completed MLN Melon 15-02-2017 15-02-2017
Distributed digital asset management (a la hedge funds) on the Ethereum blockchain.
Completed METAL Metal 26-05-2017 26-05-2017
A user-friendly currency transfer app, similar to Venmo, that rewards users for converting fiat to cryptocurrency.
Completed MGO MobileGo 25-04-2017 25-05-2017
An addition to the GameCredits ecosystem, released on Ethereum. The tokens will enable smart contract based tournaments.
Completed MYST Mysterium Network 30-05-2017 30-05-2017
A decentralized VPN built using Ethereum contracts.
Completed NXX Nexxus 08-05-2017 08-05-2017
A services company for the cryptocurrency industry that aims to encourage widespread adoption with physical cryptocurrency cafes and education programs.
Completed PPY Peerplays 26-02-2017 15-05-2017
a decentralized tournament management and wagering platform built on a graphene-based blockchain.
Completed QTUM Qtum 16-03-2017 21-03-2017
A proof-of-stake, smart-contract compatible protocol that works with both Ethereum and Bitcoin dapps.
Completed QRL Quantum Resistant Ledger 01-05-2017 07-05-2017
A blockchain designed for long-term stability with quantum computing resistant encryption. This is a pre-sale round.
Completed RCOIN Rchain 05-04-2017 16-04-2017
A multilayer tech stack featuring a new Turing complete smart contract programming language.
Completed SKO Sikoba 25-04-2017 15-05-2017
Sikoba is a decentralized money platform based on peer-to-peer IOUs
Completed SJCX Storjcoin X 19-05-2017 25-05-2017
decentralized cloud storage.
Completed SUR Suretly 16-05-2017 30-05-2017
A 'crowdvouching' platform which compensates users who vouch for people who need an urgent loan.
Completed TaaS Taas 27-03-2017 27-04-2017
TaaS is a tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain markets.
Completed TKN TokenCard 02-05-2017 02-05-2017
Physical debit card that uses a contract wallet to hold ethereum based tokens without the need for deposits.
Completed vSlice vDice 15-11-2016 15-12-2016
vDice is an Ethereum-based gambling platform in the spirit and style of SatoshiDICE.
Completed VER Veritaseum 25-04-2017 26-05-2017
Enables peer-to-peer capital markets where individuals and entities can deal directly with each other in transactions of value.
Completed VIVA Viva Coin 01-05-2017 21-05-2017
A currency ecosystem aimed at creating tools for money transfer, identity and document authentication, and trading.
Completed TRST WeTrust 02-03-2017 12-04-2017
Increasing financial inclusion by bringing new types of banking services into the mainstream.
Completed WINGS Wings 18-11-2016 06-01-2017
A platform for planning, launching, and managing DAOs using the wisdom of prediction markets.
Completed cryptoforecast
Completed Peerplays Blockchain
Completed DAR Darcrus
Completed FAME Famecoin
Completed HKG Hacker Gold
Completed IMPS脉冲币 Impulse
Completed iSunMediaCoin
Completed NxC Beyond the Void
Completed ICN Iconomi
Completed INCNT Incent
Completed KIBO Kibo Lotto
Completed TAO Tao
Completed Ħ Hongcoin
Completed LAZ Lazarus
Completed DSLK DarkSilk
Completed Dcoin Democratic
Completed BCDN BlockCDN
Completed JWL Jewels
Completed ETP 元界Metaverse
Completed NLC NoLimitCoin
Completed PSB Pesobit
Completed BlockPay
Completed DCT Decent platform
Completed VRM Verium
Completed 阿希币 ASCH
Completed 小蚁 Antshares
Completed XEL Elastic
Completed Singular DTV
Completed WAY WayGuide
Completed FirstBlood
Completed RBIT Returnbit
Completed MASS Mass coin
Completed SPK Quintessence
Completed omc Omicron
Completed refund Inchain
Completed FLASH
Completed BFT Blockfreight
Completed DRS Digital Rupees
Completed SwishCoin
Completed 俄罗斯项目 Golos
Completed 梅尔卡 Mercatox
Completed Blockchain平台 Egaas
Completed XYY
Completed Collectible Game
Completed YOYOW
Completed MLN Melonport
Completed ZenGold
Completed EMV The Pitts Circus
Completed PART Particl
Completed DTB Augmentorsgame
Completed CTY Contingency
Completed TKS Tokes
Completed VIDZ Purevidz
Completed ROUND Roundcoin
Completed VSL vSLICE
Completed ETH Ethereum