# State Icon Code Name Date init Date end Links Analysis Description
# State Icon Code Name Date init Date end Links Analysis Description
Suspicious MCO Monaco 18-05-2017 18-06-2017
A Visa enabled cryptocurrency debit card.
Suspicious ZrCoin ZrCoin 11-05-2017 09-06-2017
A Waves Platform meta-token backed by the production of cubic zirconium, a valuable industrial commodity.
Suspicious CREA Creativechain 15-03-2017 01-05-2017
A platform for the registration and distribution of user generated multimedia content.
Suspicious HMQ Humaniq 06-04-2017 27-04-2017 A blockchain fintech service that aims to expand financial inclusion with bio-identification and mobile technology. Note: The totals listed here do not include roughly $300,000 in fiat currency raised during a brief pre-sale.
Suspicious MEG MetaGold 03-04-2017 08-04-2017
An Ethereum meta-token used to make purchases in an in-game economy.
Suspicious PTOY Patientory 31-05-2017 03-06-2017
An Ethereum dapp for managing and transferring medical information. Patientory wants to foster a closer relationship between doctor and patient through tools inspired by social media.
Suspicious VSM VOISE 06-05-2017 06-06-2017
VOISE is a decentralized platform for music where artists receive 100% of the revenue earned from their content.
Suspicious ebookchain
Suspicious BLT Branche
Suspicious DinarDirham
Suspicious KBT Kibo Platform
Suspicious ARC Arcade City
Suspicious RES Respectonomy
Suspicious ÐICE Etheroll
Suspicious MIT Mainstreet Investment LP
Suspicious MORF Blocklog
Suspicious DST Districts
Scam beth Beth 2017-06-20
Scam BCC BitConnect
Scam PRCOIN Prcoin
Scam ASC Ascendancy
Scam DeClouds
Scam EDR E-dinar
Scam NOD Nodio
Scam EBZ ebitz
Scam XLTHM Lithium
Scam PRO PRO Commerce
Scam ADS AdsCash